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James Aspey

Effective Communication

James Aspey is an anti-speciesist activist best known for taking a 1 year vow of silence for animals. Aspey has several inspiring lectures on social media that reached millions of views.

Responding to objections, being respectful but also being firm and asking the right questions can all assist in communicating the vegan message effectively. I'll share with you what I've learned so far.

James Aspey

How to Have Peace in a Violent World

James Aspey is an anti-speciesist activist best known for taking a 1 year vow of silence for animals. Aspey has several inspiring lectures on social media that reached millions of views.

Being a vegan in a not yet vegan world can be tough, to say the least. It's common to feel overwhelmed by sadness when we think about the oppression of animals. It's so important for our mental health and so we can be the most influential advocates, that we learn techniques to be the most positive, happy, healthy and effective vegan role models possible. In this talk, I'll teach some of those techniques.

Nick Cooney

The Science of Animal Advocacy

Nick Cooney is the founder of The Humane League, Co-Founder of the Good Food Institute, and the author of three books on creating social change: How To Be Great At Doing Good, Change of Heart, and Veganomics. He is also co-founder and co-trustee of New Crop Capital, a venture capital fund investing in vegan food companies.

-Should animal advocates use graphic images to get public support for their cause, or will such images turn the public off? Will we spare more animals by encouraging people to go vegan, or to make smaller changes like eating meatless on Monday? How can we get more people to say yes to our requests that they care about animals, avoid fur, donate, volunteer, and make other animal-friendly behavior changes? Scientific research has generated a wealth of information on what really works for getting people to change their beliefs and their behaviors. This talk will share key tools each one of us can use to be more effective advocates for animals.

Joey Carbstrong

Fearless Activism

Joey Carbstrong is a You tuber and social media personality who happens to be a reformed gang member/ substance user. Joey transformed his life after an epiphany he had when he was in prison. He is now a passionate vegan advocate who spends his time creating awareness for animals and inspires people to change their lives.

Fearless activism is a workshop which encompasses all of the skills you will need to be an effective animal activist. Joey covers the importance of bearing witness, how to effectively communicate the vegan message , dealing with hard situations in street activism and everything else joey has learned in his journey as a vegan advocate.

Orly Vilnayi


A leading journalist with a BA in Communication and Television from Tel Aviv University. Orly, a vegan for a number of years is renowned for her work for social justice. Today Orly presents alongside her partner Guy the popular morning show "Orly and Guy".

Opening speaker on the first day of the congress.

Eyal Meged


I'm an anti-humanist. In contrast to the domineering human axiom, i don't distinguish between any advantage mankind has over the rest of the living creatures in our world. The crimes being executed against animals are my primary concern, and in every opportunity I attempt to be the mouth to those miserable oppressed.

Opening speaker on the second day of the congress.

Omri Paz

The Future of Veganism - How to get to Critical Mass


Omri Paz has a law degree from the Hebrew University and is the initiator and founder of the non-profit organization "Vegan Friendly". The organization works towards making veganism more accessible by giving the "Vegan Friendly" tag to restaurants and marking products. Moreover, the organization strives to raise awareness by means of nation wide and reality changing campaigns such as Rotem Sela's campaign, a billboard on the Ayalon Highway, the biggest animal rights march in history, radio commercials campaign, the educational campaign Human & Animal and more.

we all want to reach a vegan world but how can it actually be done? Is it even possible? In his lecture, Omri will talk about the way in which we could see in the near future Israel becoming the first vegan country in the world.

Dror Globerman

Dror is a journalist, musician, and television host. He hosts the TV show ''People'' on Channel 2. Dror is the creator and the main editor of the ''Nexter'' website and he writes about people, technology, economy and culture.

Hosts the first day of the congress.

Ronen Bar

Activism for the Animals: About Variety and Effectiveness

Ronen Bar, CEO of the non-profit organization Sentient, an international organization for animals that was founded at the beginning of 2017 and carries out undercover investigations all around the world. Ronen founded the investigative team for the organization "Anonymous for Animal Rights", and worked as an undercover investigator at "Adom Adom" company's slaughterhouse. He serves as a board member for "The Modern Agriculture Foundation" which promotes the development of "clean meat" via scientific research. He has a BA in Biology and Communication from Tel Aviv University.

The lecture will examine the vast variety of activism for animal rights - in the fields of food, media, technology, economy, law, street, politics and more. We'll discuss about local and global actvisim, about "reaching out" to different and diversed populations, about essentiality in activism, and about the most important activism of them all; one that doesn't achieve praises, and suffers from especially bad public relations.

Shiri Raz

How to Answer Any Excuse in the World

Shiri Raz is a doctoral student at the department for Hermeneutics and Cultural at Bar Ilan University. Her research subject is the human attitude towards eating animals which she investigates from philosophical, linguistical and psychoanalytical aspects. She's a personal as well as a couple therapist that specializes in working with vegans and mixed couples (vegans and non-vegans). In addition she's an animal rights advocate and lectures in Israel and around the world.

In her lecture Shiri will present the key points in the development of human consciousness that were the basis for the different reasoning to eat anials during different periods, to understand why they were relevant then, and why they're not in today's post-modern world. At the end of the lecture the participants would be able to give a wise and direct response to familiar arguments from the dawn of humanity "they were made for that" and for "heavy" moral excuses pro eating animals (who said ascent of the soul and didn't recieve?)...

Gily Iscovitch


A 23 years old actress from Pardes Hanna-Karkur. Today she's living in Tel Aviv and is an animal rights activist with "Vegan Friendly". Gili studied acting at Beit Zvi's teen workshops, and a beginners and advanced Chubbuck method course. She participated in the television series "Shnot Hashmonim" and "The Green Screen" as a guest star. Today she protrays "Kirky" in the second season of Nickelodeon's teen drama "Kadabra".  

Hosts the second day of the congress.

Gal Menkes

The Passing Year in the Vegan Movement

Gal comes from the business world. He discovered the vegan lifestyle just one month after opening a little cheese business. Right after, he closed the business and started volunteering in various activities to promote vegan lifestyle. Today he is managing Vegan Active by Vegan Friendly.

At the beginnig of last year it still looked within the realms of fanatasy- a billboar on Ayalon Highway, a national radio campaign, VR stands around the country, the biggest animal rights march in history, vegan food technologists who transform products to be vegan and vegan days at educational institutions all around the country. Gal will share with you the success story of Vegan Active and explain how we made the dream a reality.

Shira Hertzanu

Sisters: The Intersectionality of Animal Rights and Feminism

A feminist advocate for animal liberation, Anonymous for Animal Rights' spokesperson. A lawyer in training.

Between animal's opression and women's oprresion is a strong historic connection. Therefore, it's not surprising that between the battles for animal liberation and feminism exists a close relationship as well. A lecture that examines that relationship and examplifies how understanding the connection and affinity between the two battles can serve us in our activism.

Chen Cohen

The Year We Had in the Vegan World

A social activist, vegan, guide and adviser. Lectured in Europe, around the US and at the biggest convention for animal rights in the world. Instructed at the project Etgar 22+ and participated in organizing protests and stands. Chen is greatly involved with training activists, strategy, efectiveness, how not to be worn down and maintaining a healthy vegan lifestyle as an activist. Today he works for the organization "Meatless Monday" as the project manager, and is a staff member for the "Vegan Active" project. He's in a relationship + 2 dogs and 3 cats.

Chen will present a review of all the news and developments that took place over the last year within the animal rights and vegan movements in Israel and abroad.

Gil Merhav

Poem Recital

Gil Merhav is an animal rights activist who has been vegan for six years. Equipped with a big sign and compassion for people he is making a change, in his own way.

Poem recital

Eti levi


An esteemed and known singer that already released 20 albums since the 90s. Her primary genre is Mizrahi Music, in combination with Moroccan and Arabic music. About five years ago she transferred to veganism and even acted to promote the subject.

Eti will tell us her personal story and about how she transferred from a meat eating environment to being a moral vegan.

Aviv Lavi

Who needs politics?
The animals!

Host the radio show - "Everything will be OK" in Galgaltz radio station. A journalist and commentator in environmental issues. The author of the book Eating Organic. 100% Vegan.

Hosting the "Politics and Veganism" pannel

Yael Cohen Paran

Who needs politics?
The animals!

Parliament member Yael Cohen Paran is the Representative of the environmental movement in the Parliament.
Yael advocates subjects such as renewing energy, animal rights,environmental issues, natural resources, pollution, saving the dead sea, fighting corruption and ensuring rule of law.

Participating in the "Politics and Veganism" pannel

Tamar Zandberg

Who needs politics?
The animals!

Tamar Zandberg, a member of knesset on behalf of Meretz party since 2013, and CEO of the Special Committee on Drug and Alcohol Abuse today. One of the leaders for human and civil rights, seperation of religion and state, urbanite and sustainable public transportation, enviornment and animal protection, striving for peace, coexistence and protecting democracy. In the past she served as a council member in Tel Aviv's municipality and as a parliamentary adviser for member of Knesset Ran Cohen.

Participating in the "Politics and veganism" pannel

Hila Keren

Who needs politics?
The animals!

.Project manager and policies in Anonymous non profit organization. Former spokeswomen of the organization

Participating in the "Politics and veganism" pannel

Tal Menkes

Standup Break

Tal is a comedian, producer of humor workshops, copywriter, beach volleyball trainer, crappy philosopher, Frisbee player, hummus eater and talks about himself in third person.

Standup Break

Gidi Zaga

Who needs politics?
The animals!

A government relations consultant at the company "Impact". Specializes in leading developments in the fields of designing, enviroment and animals.

Participating in the "Politics and veganism" pannel

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