About the Lecturer


Kip Andersen

Human Being Animals for the Future

Kip Andersen is the filmaker behind Cowspiracy- the enviromental documentry that features the teribble consequences of animal agricalture on the environment and our world.
Kip is an entrepreneur, a certified yoga teacher and the founder of AUM Films and Media, which creates films and media that promotes thrivability, compassion, and harmony for all life.

In his lecture, Kip will review the events that led us to this crucial moment in human history, when final decisions must be made. Kip will explain why he believes that the change has already begun and that it is only a matter of time until we reach the next evolutionary stage where we learn to fix the environment and ourselves through our compassion to animals.

Nathan Runkle

Animal Rights: The Social Justice Movement of Our Time

Nathan Runkle is the founder and president of Mercy For Animals (MFA). Since founding MFA over a decade ago, the organization became a leading international force in the prevention of cruelty to farmed animals and promotion of compassionate food choices and policies.
MFA has four areas of focus: education, legal advocacy, corporate outreach, and undercover investigations. which made it possible to pass landmark farmed animal protection legislation, raise public awareness about vegetarianism and implement animal welfare policy changes.

Animal rights is the moral imperative of our time. In this lecture, Nathan will talk about the emotional lives of farmed animals, the brutal truth behind their mass exploitation, the worldwide expansion of veganism, and the rising social movement to protect animals from cruelty and abuse. Be inspired by the progress that has been made, and motived to do more by the work is still ahead.

Peter Hammarstedt

Shepherding the Sea: Veganism, Direct Action and Protecting Ocean Creatures

In his thirteen years with Sea Shepherd, Peter sailed at all seven seas- from the foreboding Labrador Coast to the treacherous Antarctic Continent. Using direct intervention he fights illegal whaling, seal hunters and fish poachers who destruct and destroy the ocean.
Peter believes that in their capacity to suffer, animals are our equals and that when governments fail in their responsibility to uphold the law, then it is the responsibility of compassionate people to fill the law enforcement vacuum.

In his lecture, Captain Peter Hammarstedt will tell us the stories behind his direct actions in Sea Shepherd- from shutting down the operations of whalers in Antarctica, to fighting seal hunters in Canada and stopping fish poachers off Africa; Peter weaves tales of confrontation on the high seas with a call for the vegan movement to give greater attention and advocacy to fish and other marine creatures.

Miki Haimovich


Miki Haimovich won the "Golden Screen" five years in a row under the category of "Best Host for Current Affairs". Haimovich left the media world in 2011 and began promoting Meatless Monday while changing her personal lifestyle and after 22 years being vegetarian she went vegan. Today Haimovich is considered a leading vegan activist and one of the most influential figures in the field of animal rights.

Opening notes for the second day of the congress.

Gadi Wilcherski


Comedian, the knight of light, a justice fighter, one of the leading figures in fighting for marijuana legalization in Israel and a declared vegan for 6 years.

Opening notes for the first day of the congress.

Netta Ahituv

Hosts the first day of the congress.

Dror Globerman

Dror is a journalist, musician, and television host. He hosts the TV show ''People'' on Channel 2. Dror is the creator and the main editor of the ''Nexter'' website and he writes about people, technology, economy and culture. 


Hosts the second day of the congress.

Sagiv Levi

The Year that was in the Vegan World


Sagiv is a lawyer in the legal department of 'Let the Animals Live' foundation. He is a devoted animal right activist, and as part of his legal work, Sagiv fights against animal cruelty, neglect and abuse, while working closely with state authorities.


Sagiv will present a review of all the news and developments that took place over the last year within the animal rights and vegan movements in Israel and abroad.


Adit Romano

Freedom Farm Sanctuary - From Dream to Reality


Adit Romano is one of the entrepreneurs behind the Freedom Farm Sanctuary. For 20 years Adit interacted with businesses and managed various companies. However, with her transition to a vegan lifestyle, she replaced business entrepreneurship with social entrepreneurship.


The Freedom Farm Sanctuary is a haven for animals who were rescued from animal farm industries. The Sanctuary also teaches compassion and how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Adit will tell about the exciting journey she has been going through which has touched so many people. This is a story about a magical project which brought together countless amount of people who want to be part of it.


Ronen Bar
The Vegan Debate
Ronen is a journalist and an animal right activist. His investigations were published in Kolbotek and Chanel 10 News. As part of his undercover investigations, he worked in slaughter houses and animal farms to expose the truth behind the tall walls of the industry.
The vegan debate will present issues that many of us confront on a daily basis. Ronen Bar will host the debate and in the end the audience will vote and decide who won the debate.

Omri Paz
The Vegan Emperor has no Clothes - Are We Actually Winning?
Omri Paz, a graduate from the Hebrew University at Law, is the founder of the Vegan Friendly foundation, a non-profit organization which was founded in order to expose the truth behind the industrial animal farms as well as to make vegan food more accessible to the Israeli consumer. Among its activities, Vegan Friendly provides an authorization stamp for vegan food, produces large scale vegan events and conducts vegan campaigns, projects, educational lectures and workshops.
Since the beginning of the vegan revolution in 2012 the movement has seen many victories, but are we still winning? The polls and surveys in the last two years show a gloomier picture. In this lecture we will talk about the state of the vegan movement and the ways to stimulate the vegan revolution with new game-changing ideas.

Omri Paz
Activism in Social Media
Omri Paz, a graduate from the Hebrew University for law, is the founder of Vegan Friendly foundation, which exposes the truth behind the industrial animal farms as well as making vegan food more accessible to the Israeli consumers. Among its activities, Vegan Friendly provides an authorization stamp for vegan food, produces large scale vegan events and conducts vegan campaigns, projects, educational lectures and workshops.
Social Media features countless benefits that can help us promote animal rights advocacy. However, many times we find ourselves failing exactly where we ought to be winning. Come and learn about the ways to affect thousands of people without even leaving the house.

Chen Cohen
How to Keep A Strong and United Vegan Community
During the last year Chen lectured throughout the United States and participated in the biggest animal rights convention in the world, in which he lectured about the Israeli vegan movement. In the past, Chen managed staff crews in the Challenge +22 Project and produced vegan demonstrations and activities. Today Chen creates workshops and lectures about strategic and effective thinking.
If we want to make a change, we must stay a strong and united vegan community. See why it is so important to learn to put our differences aside and focus on the one thing we all have in common- the desire to free animals.

Shiri Raz
Conversing Veganism Using Tricks From The World of Psychology
Shiri is vegan and animal rights activists. She is also a couples and family therapist and a doctoral researcher at Bar Ilan University where she studies and researches about the psychology behind animal product consumption.
Using a psychological model, we put the focus on the addressee, the person we are speaking with. Come and learn how to identify the mechanism behind people's resistance to making the change to a vegan lifestyle and how to apply it.

Gal Menkes

When Their Lives Depend on Our Words


Before becoming vegan, Gal was involved in the business world. He discovered the vegan lifestyle just one month after opening a small cheese business. Right after the opening , he closed the business and started volunteering in various activities in order to promote the vegan lifestyle. Today he is part of the Vegan Friendly staff.


Our ability to talk to a person's heart is not only the key for change and revolution, it is also a measurable science. From the vegan movement's stand point, we will discuss the power of our words, the obstacles in our way to reach people and the ways to overcome them


Shira Hertzanu
Debate: Using 'Meat is Murder' in public relations – For or Against?
Shira has been an animal rights activist for many years, during which she organized Meat-Outs, wrote texts to the media, produced video clips, planed animal liberation marches and promoted activist campaigns. As a lawyer, she also represents vegan activists and organizations.
The supporting position

Omer Ginzburg
Debate: using 'Meat is Murder' in our public relations - For or Against?
Omer has been an animal rights activist for the past 15 years and co-coordinator of the educational department at Anonymous. Omer lectures in schools and is one of the founders of Activegan, which teaches vegans how to promote veganism effectively.
The negating position.

Meital Ben Ari
Debate: Should we buy vegan products from corporations which harm animals?
Meital has a degree in Management and Economic with many years of experience in these fields. Recently Meital left her lucrative job in order to accomplish her life's dream - the Freedom Farm Sanctuary, an educational center and sanctuary for animals who have been saved from the animal farm industries.
The supporting position.

Daniel Bareket
Debate: Should we buy vegan products from corporations which harm animals?
Daniel is the founder, partner and the CEO of "Panda Chocolate" and has been vegan for the past 4 years. Daniel served in an elite intelligence army unit and also has wide experience in social entrepreneurship. In his private life Daniel is also a professional debater who won the national finals twice along with the European Championship quarterfinals.
The negating position.

Ela Nechama
Debate: The Family Barbeque (non vegan) - Should We Go or Not?
Ela has been vegan for the past 8 years, during which she volunteered at various projects and organizations including Challenge 22. Today Ela focuses mostly on lecture presentations at schools. She loves palates, acro-balance and her cute nephews.
The negating position (not to go).

Sivan Avitan
Debate: Family barbeque (non vegan) - should we go or not?
Sivan is relatively new vegan who changed her lifestyle after years of being vegetarian. She is a project manager at a youth center in Ashdod. She is also a debate instructor and coach at the national high school debate team.
The supporting position (to go).

Gil Merhav
The Power of One
Gil Merhav is an animal rights activist who has been vegan for six years. Equipped with a big sign and lots of compassion towards people, he is making a change in his own way.
We all have the ability to change. In this lecture, Gil will tell his personal story and explain why each of us have the ability to make the world a better place.

Yaki Sagi
A Reading
Yaki Sagi is a clinical psychologist and an animal liberation activist who writes in print, digital and social medias his positions regarding veganism and animal rights. His work includes "The Discomfort Felt by Vegans" which was published in "Haaretz" and was widely read.
A Reading.

Tal Menkes
Standup Performance
Tal is a comedian, producer of humor workshops, copywriter, beach volleyball trainer, crappy philosopher, Frisbee player, hummus eater and talks about himself in the third person.
Standup Performance.

Amy Fain

Artistic Dance

Amy is a choreographer, dancer, dance teacher and a student at the Dance and Music Academy. Amy has been a vegetarian since the age of 5 and vegan since 2012. Today, she raises vegan awareness through her dance and choreography.

Artistic Dance.

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