Alpro is a company with a vision of a world where more of what we eat comes directly from plants – planet friendly, sustainable and healthy. Alpro's voyage of discovery started over 30 years ago with naturally nutritious soy, turning it into plant-based alternatives to milk, yogurt and cream, meat and margarine, so that anyone and everyone could enjoy delicious plant powered foods. Now almond and hazelnut drinks have just been added to their ever-growing list – and they are still exploring!


Masumashu products are an Israeli developed product created by a team with wide experience in the field of food product development.
With emphasis on added value of taste, health and high nutritious values, the company believes that food is first of all an experience that should excite.
The series of yellow and Feta cheese are the first out of a whole world of new food products which are being produced in extremely high standard and meticulous supervision.


EcoSupp is passionate about connecting science with nature. The combination of advanced scientific research and technology together with natural raw materials ensures the highest quality supplements for maximum absorption.
"We meet the most stringent global standards because our manufacturing process is the most sophisticated of its kind. Our consumers have a peace of mind knowing they are purchasing nutritional supplements of the highest quality. The raw materials used in our supplements have been carefully selected to ensure our products are clean, free of contaminants, metals or any other harmful substances and are 100% natural and vegan."



MOYA (Moya) is a fashion chain store of bags and purses with an Israeli design. Out of respect and love for animals, all products are made of high quality materials that are cruelty free and with no animal ingredients.


"Kamilia" has been manufacturing sauces, spreads and marinades for the past 15 years. Just recently the company introduced to the market a new milk substitute called, "Coffee Cream" which provides a substitute for those sensitive to lactose and for those who do not want to drink dairy milk.

Teva Deli

Teva Deli was established in 1995, with the purpose to offer the Israeli customer a plant-based, healthy and delicious alternative to meat which would also be reasonably priced. Teva Deli uses high quality ingredients with a clear preference for whole foods, organic produce and nutritious ingredients.

Panda chocolate

Panda chocolate is a home-produced high-quality vegan chocolate, which is manufactured with all the traditional techniques. Panda chocolate offers a variety of unique flavors which are based on soy and coconut that give the chocolate the same texture and taste the milky version has.


Soy Joy company was established by Dani Keren following their big headstart success. Soy fillet is one of the best meat substances in the world and is imported from Czech Republic. Soy Joy is best for making vegan stakes, schnitzel and stews.

Chicza Vegan Chewing Gum

From the deep forest of the Mayans in Mexico we produce Chicza gum that is 100 % organic and biodegradable.
Chicza is produced by a local cooperative that guards forests from taking down millions of trees every year.
No artificial sweeteners, no petroleum products, plastics, industrial adhesives, without gelatin and without synthetic ingredients at all.
So what is Chicza made of?
Pure forest tree resin, organic sweeteners and organic essential oils come together to assemble the only organic gum in the world that won and many green awards.
Pleasant chewing, genuine flavors and delicate texture are some of the features beloved in Chicza gum.
Chicza is the healthier alternative, more ethical and more green without damage to the environment and animals.

Philip Martins

Philip Martins produces color and design products for hair and skin care. The hair dye is based on organic materials using the most advanced water technology in hair coloring. These natural ingredients reduce hair loss, do not irritate scalps, hands, or do any damage to the structure and strength of the hair. All products are free of salts (SLS), Propylene Glycol, ammonia, and parabens.
Products include shampoos, hair masks, and scalp and hair treatments.


For women who seek veganism outside the dish - feminine hygiene that saves lives, without polluting your body, the environment and the sea with huge economic savings - because being vegan pays off! At "Nashioty" you will find the largest selection of chanterelles and bandages country, all 100% vegan and not tested on animals.


Ketsef - pampering, hand-made bath, body and make-up is a handcrafted line of soap and body care products. We use natural ingredients to produce unique products for you, for your home and lifestyle. In Ketsef we offer pampering products that are 100% handmade and free of harmful chemicals and preservatives. Our products are made in small batches, that contain high quality natural ingredients and oils, with no harmful chemicals, in order to ensure freshness and quality.


Nany was established in 2012. The company specializes in developing and manufacturing of natural vegan food products. Among Nany’s products you can find vegan spreads in different flavors, sauces free from preservatives, food coloring, harmful fats and artificial flavorings. Nany is a Social Business. The factory employs people with disabilities with the support of "Gvanim" foundation, alongside pensioners who wanted to get back to the work market. Nany’s employees have become a big warm family who together creates quality food products.

Go Nature

Go Nature manufactures high quality vegan hiking shoes, which contain no animal products.


"Munbatim" are kind of toast bread (round). Made of gluten free by nature ingredients, vegan friendly, yeast free, no added sugar, no added oils&fat, completely organic certificate, GMO free and kosher.


Glyde condoms are an Australian brand which is imported and distributed in Israel. Those fine condoms are not tested on animals and don't contain milk protein (casein). Glyde condoms come in a range of 4 different sizes, which has not been available in the Israeli market until now. Glyde condoms are extremely safe and surpassed all the quality inspections with "flying colors" (both international standards as well as additional inspections by the Israeli office of standards). Our products do not contain harmful chemicals, parabens and glycerin and they are also suitable for people with a mild latex sensitivity.


VEGA offers a verity of quality vegan products all over the country. The products do not contain preservatives, food coloring and are not genetically modified.